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    Virtual Laboratory:

    Only $250 per school for the entire academic year! An excellent way to introduce students to the laboratory! This is a great supplement or replacement for the laboratory!
    The Virtual Introductory Chemistry Lab is exactly what the name suggests. An intro chemistry lab that is delivered virtually through the world wide web. This lab is intended to complement an introductory level intro chemistry course that is also delivered online. Dr. Chimeno has written a text "Applied Chemistry" to complement this Virtual Lab, and it is available at Linus Books.   A Lab Manual is also available through Linus Books. The lab's goal is to give the students lab experience and knowledge that would approximate what they would have learned in a real lab setting.

    The lab is set up like any normal lab. You have certain chemicals and particular lab equipment that is needed for the lab. You read the procedure for the experiment and follow the directions. The experiment will take place in the workspace in the middle of the page. You will note the observations and results from this workspace and record them in the questions area. These observations and questions can then be sent to your instructor for evaluation.

Supplemental Individual Intro Chemistry Course

Individuals who would like to take a supplemental chemistry course, may contact Dr. Chimeno at the Contact Page.

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