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Chemgames.com is a subsidiary of Blue Eagle Enterprises which is owned by Dr. Joseph Chimeno. He began his teaching career in 1968 and has taught primarily at the college level. Over the years, Dr. Chimeno has received many awards for his excellence in teaching.


Professor Chimeno realized the difficulty that students had with chemical nomenclature. Thus, he developed the Rainbow Wheel and later the software version, the Rainbow Matrix. Students have really benefited from the use of both the Rainbow Wheel and the Rainbow Matrix. In addition to the Chemical Nomenclature Games, Professor Chimeno has developed two Virtual Chemistry Labs: Intro Chemistry and Organic Chemistry, consisting of at least 12 different experiments in each.

In addition to the Virtual Labs and Rainbow Matrix Game, Dr. Chimeno has written and published both an Introductory Textbook and Lab Manual. Both are available from Linus Books.


Here is a video of Dr. Chimeno performing a Chemistry Demonstration involving the Combustion of Methanol; and there is a question for you at the end of the video. See if you can answer it correctly.



We hope that you enjoy these educational tools. Below are comments from other chemistry instructors describing their experience with the Nomenclature Games.


"Our students have really benefited from the use of the Rainbow Matrix"...Kathy McCleary...Cranberry H.S.


"We have had great success this year using the Rainbow Matrix game. Every level, from beginning to advanced placement chemistry, has found it helpful. The game provides a fun yet accurate assessment that with regular use strengthens mastery of essential state science standards. Since chemistry is a foundational discipline even other science classes like our anatomy & physiology will be incorporating it into their instructional strategies. Highly recommended." ...Dr. Branton Lachman...Science Chair...Santiago High School...Corona, CA


"I ordered the nomenclature wheel. I am writing to tell you that I visited the matrix web site and within 15 minutes I actually understood what had previously taken me 4 days to try to understand. I rate this an A+++. Thanks alot."...Kathy Parris...Student


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